Friday, February 15, 2013

Vday 2013

I passed Valentine's Day this year differently.
It was still a day full of smiles together with my favourite people :D

my 4 hour HAIRY thrill.
After work, I felt so sick to go home and come out again and so, i decided drop by the salon to give my hair some life!
i entrusted my hair to the professional and i so love the final outlook :))
1st round of colour was quite frightening! i looked like some ah lian from some street :O
after adding the pink, i look more decent now :P

met the girls and sister chey for dinner!
i ran lateeeeeee!! but they still waited for me to start....
my 1st Lo Hei with them

roses and hearts from them! <3 td="">
2nd Lo Hei @ work
God created smiles so that the world could see the bright side of a person.

There are times when  im so afraid of sleeping.
i do not like waking up half way and sob myself back to sleep.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Happy snake year!
I'm half a dragon n snake.... pissssssssss~~
I wish for lesser fats this year pls!

Scrapping has never felt So therapeutic till recently.
Vday cards I made!  

Friday, January 18, 2013

hold on.

It was Happy 24th Birthday to me yesterday :)
It had been a wild year with many memorable happenings.
Hopefully this year will be a better year!
2New charms from my girls! 
An 'emergency surprise operation 
haagen dazs icecream cake with alvin 

from my sis 
From Alvin! :) 
Drawn by Norin! 
It was a day filled with much Love Cox people around me made my day special: )

I had been SUPER busy previously, doing up a wedding guestbook for one of my girlfriend.
due to my slow progress, I took about a month to complete it! It had been crazy coz I was pressed for time. Everyday after work i would touch abit if I still had any time and energy left.
It was exciting yet crazy as this was my first album. I never did manage to complete any till date. LOL it was all half done and thrown aside.

Congratulations ! 
And now, after im done, it feels so empty going home as i have nothing left to do. I had stopped spreeing for awhile so as to ensure i can

Oh well, Valentine's around the corner and it would keep me occupied for awhile.

Just completed 2 cards and I want to do more! Need to explore more stamping methods.

Till then.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

7 days till Christmas

December for me has to be the most meaningful time of the year. Friends really make a point to get together- to ensure that we are still alive after going through a whole load of shit for 11 months! HAHA!

It really feels good seeing good old comfortable faces and reminiscence the goodie-old times.

This year, i am spending my Christmas with FCH. We had an early Christmas lunch with really good food. I would say, it really is the best Christmas spread I have ever had! 
No pictures thou, I was too hungry and salivating just looking at the food ;p
some of my OT peeps
with one of our big boss!
I do miss my old family :/ oh well.

happy birthday to the youngest of our gang
I really haven meet ALL of them for a long long time.
It feels really great to be just around them - IDK but its getting really emotional at this hour. LOL
happy 23rd mama!

pretty and handsome smiles

i will always loveeeeeeeeee all of uuuuu.
an evening with YW
Was supposed to met up with my poly clique but turn out was a one to one romantic date with YW.
Food for thought > bacholette > night rider home!

Till then!
need to get my scraps moving!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

the begining of last month of year 2012!

December is finally here!
Should we be smiling or sulking?
The new year will welcome us in 30 more days.
Enjoy the last 30 days of 2012!
2013 was predicted never to arrive as 2012 will be the end of the world! :O
So let's see if 2013 does become reality.
for now, life still goes on. we still have got to suck it up and live it!

O well, I always believe that new beginings lead to new challenges and new moments in life :)
life would be tooooo boring if we kept doing the same things over and over again.

alvin turned 23 a few days back!

i arranged a simple dinner date @ Serenity spanish restaurant, vivo city
ambience was great for chilling out
we had the sofa seats as I was afraid to melt at the seats with the pretty seaview!
side kicks while waiting for our main course
I forgot the extact name of this course, but remembered the price very clearly
the most expensive sharing rice dish they served
it was good, but portion was quite small for such a cost (though i could not finish if they served more)

while waiting for our food
i love note 2's front camera!
so gooooddd! :)

after dinner, while the sun was still up
coffee bean to try out their christmas specials

Off to butterfactory!  

 waiting for the doors to open!
drinks for the night!

2 of my girls who came down!
it was a good night!!
now, for my favorite part of the post
i purchased the PALLADIO beauty rice paper blotters from cherry culture a few weeks back
it was on sale, 25% off and i decided to give it a try.
(picture taken before usage of the blotters)
retail on cherry culture site: $4usd (before discount)
I have been using the pink grapefruit blotters from J&J for quite sometime and i am pretty satisfied with it
it blots, smells good and has some kind of matting effect. I enjoy using it cause it is not always necessary to touch up after using them.
the cons about it: price
it is easily available at most departmental stores: ntuc, watsons, etc; BUT the price for 1 ranges from $3.50 up 
of course, being typical Singaporean, I found a place where I could easily get a good deal
@ Ocean (chinatown) or venus, you can get it at $2.80/ pack of 50 sheets!
 how easy does a venus comes by or how often will i make a trip down to chinatown (now that i had a straight bus to work!)

anyway, i never need to step out to get my facial blotters anymore. HAHA!
the packaging of it looks super vintage and oriental, like the 60s
its said to be made of natural  rice, able to absorb oil in a compact manner
plus plus, you can even choose a shade which is closest to your skin colour, the mattifying properties also ensures that you need not need to do any touch ups after blotting

left side - powdered
right side - blot away
I am a lazy girl, i use the powdered side only and i feel it works equally good and well :P
me face after a few hours at work
T-zone area always very shiny =/
blot blot - look at that!!
    another great thing about this rice paper is that it will never cause the opposite side of the blotter to turn unsightly. people looking at you will never know how oily your face

after blotting! no touch ups!